Paul and Janet Flores

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Who are these guys? 

We have been ministering together since before we were married in 1978. Through a number of ministry assignments (youth pastor, worship leader, senior pastor, evangelist, para-church staff) over a period of 37 years we have sung, led worship, preached, taught, laughed, and cried with both saints and sinners. We also invested the biggest portion of our lives raising four incredibly great kids. Three of them are now married and the youngest is a graduate student.  Our lives have revolved around family, ministry, music, and baseball -- and Mexican food, of course. Paul completed a Master's Degree in Human Services/Marriage and Family Counseling in 2010 in order to be better prepared for ministry to those who need to know Jesus.

The biggest development in our family is that Janet and I are now grandparents! Leo & Meagan won the $1,000 peso cash prize for being the first of our children to bless us with a grandangel. Shiloh Rochelle Flores was born in March of 2012. In March of 2015 they blessed us again with Sparrow Lynne  

Maria & Jonathan have doubled our delight by giving us Samuel Jeffrey Frymire in September of 2013, and our newest little angel, Evangeline Noelle in June of 2015. Maria and Jon had accepted the reality that they were not destined to bear children due to health restrictions, but God had other plans and now they have a matching set of angels  

You can see pictures of Shiloh, Samuel, Sparrow, and Evangeline on Facebook -- look Paul up under H.E. Paul Flores.  

The biggest development in our ministry since we moved to Ohio in 2010 is that we returned to pastoral ministry in August 2011. After more than a year out of the pastorate, we believed God was leading us in a different direction.  However, it became clear that God had at least one more assignment for us, so here we are -- I wasn't looking for a church, but God sure came looking for me! We accepted a call to the First Church of God in Wauseon, OH, and are enjoying the excitement of a new beginning in a great church family. 

While pastoral ministry will limit our availability on Sundays, we have made it known that we wish to continue our music and speaking ministry. So, if we can help you and the schedule permits, we'd love to help you and support your work for the Kingdom.

How can we be a blessing to you?

In a broad sense, we minister to the body of Christ with the gifts God has given us -- the Great Commandment.  But our focus is on being salt and light in the world -- the Great Commission.  We hope to be a model of what real family and real Christianity is all about, with all our faults, wrinkles and frailties -- loving God and loving each other.

Here are the things we do:

  • Preach the Word (special speaker, evangelist)
  • Teach the Truth (retreats, seminars, conferences, workshops, songwriting clinics)
  • Sing the Story (concerts, banquets, special services, conventions)
  • Play the Instruments (piano, keyboard, guitars, trumpet, organ)
  • Write the Music (original gospel, worship, inspirational and family songs)
  • Encourage the Pastor (fellowship, accountability, peer counseling)
  • Lead the Worship (revivals, campmeetings)

Here's the "deal" -- let us know how we can help you!

  • Ours is a ministry of love -- we love you and hope you will love us enough to support what we do.
  • We have never asked for a set fee -- we operate strictly on a love offering basis or whatever the church feels will meet its stewardship needs.
  • We ask permission to make our music and other Christian, family and inspirational materials available at our concerts and services.
  • We respect and honor the leadership of the pastor and elders.
  • We work to build up the Body of Christ and especially to reach out to those who are searching for spiritual reality.